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About Safari Holidays and Logistics

Our History

Safari Holidays and Logistics Limited was set up more than five years ago, and ever since it has maintained outgoing tourist services as its core business, having served more tourists from different countries of Asia, Europe,Australia,Canada, UK and USA and many more. All over the world. Keeping our vision, "value for money & client satisfaction" as a compass, Safari holidays and logistics Ltd. evolved geographically during the last few years, by expanding and creating stakeholders across the globe. The number of passengers serviced annually today, is more than ten times higher than that we serviced on annual basis when we first started up. Through continuous investments in contemporary travel related technology and quality assurance, Safari holidays and logistics has positioned itself today as one of the leading tour operator and we are capable of meeting any client requirement.

Safari holidays and logistics is one of the pioneer organizations that can offer full spectrum of incoming and outgoing tourism services with flexible and efficient solutions, as a one stop supplier. The services we provide are of a high standard, cost effective and enjoyable.

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Our History
Our Vision

Vision & Mission

Our approach focuses on the needs of the clients, keeping their best interests in mind. We encourage you to try Safari Holidays and Logistics Ltd. We are confident you will be convinced our service is exceptional.

Our Vision

"Building Memories through Travel"- Travel is not about airplanes, car rentals, hotels etc. Travel is all about the memories you bring back with you. Experiencing new destinations, visiting family, meeting new people and getting back together with existing friends is what travel is all about.

With our customer-focus approach, coupled with knowledgeable and innovative human power, we aspire to be the epitome of success in the travel and tourism industry, catering to clients from across the globe. Through our efforts in living up to the expectations of our clients by providing enriching holidays of the highest standards, we are moving towards becoming one of the leading tour operators.


With our "Know How", and as a sales agent for almost all major international airlines in Bangladesh, we do not only offer competitive prices to our customer, but we are also able to pass on very competitive prices and a maximum opportunity for choices and flexibility.

Research Is A Matter Of Style

The best added value we can offer to those who choose to buy a Safari Holidays and Logistics Ltd.vacation lies in the experience acquired over so many years of activity and especially in our love for travel, which enables us, day after day, to offer something more to our customers. For them we have selected many of the most exciting destinations, the most exclusive itineraries, the most comfortable hotels, witha special focus on solutions designed to satisfy the specific requirements of a client, offering a choice between pure relaxation holidays, cultural tours and special packages combining culture and leisure andfor those wishing to concentrate the emotions of a journey in a few days, the opportunity to do so over the span of a weekend.

Our Vision

Details Make A Difference

Full attention to every detail begins before departure, from the time a customer inquires about a trip and we prepare an estimate to the time travel documents are handed over and from then on continues throughout the tour as we assist our customers in every step. Safari Holidays and Logistics Ltd. has studied every possible way to make everything simpler, safer and more pleasant.

Every Destinationhas Something Unique Offer

The world is our home and thanks to our strong experience we at Safari Holidays and Logistics Ltd. are able to offer travel solutions in every corner of our wonderful planet. This applies in a destination where nature and history vie to capture the hearts and minds of travelers, the “smiling island” on account of the warm hospitality of its people.

The fascinating world ofInextricably associated with the history of Safari Holidays and Logistics Ltd are exciting destinations in Chaina, Malaysia,Thailand,Singapore a natural setting of extraordinary beauty is the backdrop of an ancient, highly refined civilization as well as a mosaic of cultures, history and religions set against enchanting scenery.

Safari Holidays and Logistics Ltd is one of the operators who have some unique location in terms natural beauty and artistic treasures.
The fact that that you need not always travel far to reach a place of extraordinary beauty finds confirmation in the fascination and unmistakable flavor of the nature.

Every Vacation Is A Special Occasion

For those who have little time available but want to capture the best in terms of colours and flavours, those who want to get to know a place they’ve never seen or go back to a location visited before, those who love freedom but want to rely on punctual and timely assistance. Our highly qualified experts are at your disposal with plenty of tips and exhaustive information, so that we can work together to define a plan and personalise it in every respect, to enable you to enjoy – if only just for a few days – an experience you will never forget.

Honeymoon Trips

Carrying on a long-lived tradition, Safari Holidays undertakes to offer something special to all the couples who turn to us for their honeymoon: we can propose, besides a dedicated brochure, range of unique, specially designed offers, ensure top-notch services, and provide an assistance that can hardly be equalled, all the time lavishing our guests with attention.

Tips Before Travel

Bring copies of your passport

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Register with your embassy

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Always have local cash

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Customer Testimonials

Md Golam Rabbany

Wow, where do we begin? We had the MOST AMAXING trip EVER! We can’t thank you enough for all of your help in putting the itinerary together;

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Sayeed Sumon

Well, you have outdone yourself. Wow what a trip. I really don't know where to begin except to say Thank You;

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Kamrul Hassan

Just wanted to say thank you for your great work in booking our trip to Malaysia. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. All the arrangements and transfers worked like clockwork, I appreciate your efforts in making this happen.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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